Ishqbaaz Latest Spoiler: Shivaay Confesses His Love For Anika & Rudra Saumya Will Get Married!


Ishqbaaz emerges as one of the most successful shows in the Indian Tv history which is marking amazing and great viewership and audience. The show which is having many twists and turns in the story.

The show which shows that Shivaay fires Anika from the job because he gets the doubt that, she is helping in an alliance of Priyanka and Dev. After this event, suddenly Shivaay gets a phone call and go out from the mansion in a hurry and in a rage to meet Gayatri.

IshqbaazHe then reaches the place and tries to meet her but she is not there. next day ACP Ranveer Randhawa to arrest Shivaay, as he is the suspect of killing Gayatri and he also has som many pieces of evidence from the spot where Gayatri was found dead.

In the upcoming episode, we will go to see that after getting into a fight with goons in order to save Anika from them. Shivaay, Rudra, and Omkara gets seriously injured and when they reach home everyone gets very scared to find out that they got into a fight with goons.
There is also another twist in the show, Shivaay will going to confess his love for Anika.

This happens because they have been given with a heavy dose of painkiller and sleeping pills which makes them say their minds out, this leads to the spill of Rudra’s Confession of love for Anika. He will go to tell all the things to his brother, that he feels very strong around her and also have some strong unseen connection with her.

IshqbaazAnika will also get a very shock to see another side of Shivaay as he will going to come close to her and will try to bring her close to himself. So this episode will go to be a very thrilling one as Shivaay will go to spill his beans in a drugged state and how he will going to confess it?

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