‘Ishqbaaz’ Latest Spoiler Update “Shivaay & Anika Are Finally In Love, After Confession”!


As the twists are coming to the life of Shivaay and Anika about the personal life and lovely moments. The viewers will go to see a very big twist in which Shivaay will going to confess his love for Anika but the twist is that he will go to confess his unmatched love for her in an unconscious state.

shivaay-anikaThe situation arises when Shivaay and Rudra come back to home after getting into a fight with some goons and they got seriously hurt. Then they come back to home and take some medicine which is basically pain-killer but reacts something else on them. The medicine makes Shivaay go unconscious but he is still awake and is saying all the things which are going on his mind for Anika and that’s the twist which makes the episode very much awaited.

As he will going to hold her close to him and say all the things which are in his mind. Shiva says says that he always insulted her and still she is trying to save him from the family’s anger as she saves all three of them when everyone in the house asks them about their wounds.

Anika was also very much confused as for why she was helping him so much even if he never helped or respected her. Shivaay also tells that he always wanted to ignore her but couldn’t, Anika on this says the same to him. He is very much guilty for everyone time he was angry with her, she also says the same to him.

Actually, they are playing Ditto-ditto all the things which Shivaay says or confess to her, she also confesses to her. Shivaay asks her to come close to her,  but he then changes his mind and didn’t tell her.

Then when she starts going he suddenly holds her hand and held her close to him. Then Shivaay and Anika shares a very special and amazing moment in which they are totally in love.

In upcoming episode, we will go to see that they will go to decide their fate when Shivaay will going to get his consciousness back.

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