Ishqbaaz Serial 28th September 2016 Written Episode: Tia Complains Shivaye Postponing Marriage Date

Shivay thinks about Cd. Rudra brings Prashad. He eats that. Shivay says thank you. Rudra asks what happened. Om says you live with us and don’t you know. Rudra says now we know that Tez and Shakti are innocent. Shivay says police wants proves. Pinky thinks that Gayatri blamed hem. Shakti calls Pinky. Shakti asks if you found my file. Pinky says she is remembering that Cd. She says I have seen her somewhere. Shakti becomes angry and says you think we are the culprit. He becomes angry and goes. Rudra says we have a solution.

ishqbaazShivay says tell Anika. He says when our home comes in trouble then Anika and Shivay helps. Anika thinks about Shivay and his anger.  She kicks Sahil. Sahil says if you are missing Scotty. She says Shivay is so frustrated and she is remembering that face. Sahil says you care for Billu.

Anika says no I am worrying about the whole family. Anika says she is feeling sad as this case is full of suspense. Sahil says don’t worry for Shivay as he will do something. Anika thinks there is something about Cd. Tia talks to mom and says I cannot do this. Tia says this is not fair. Tez says why you want me to go to the temple.

Shakti says it’s important. We did all things and this is because we should go there and apologize. Shakti says to keep quiet and all this is for you not for Tez. Dadi says you are right as your height is so tall but remember an ant can make Elephant fall. Tez says fine. Anika packs a bag of Sahil. Anika wears the wrong slipper.

Anika says sorry I don’t have my mind now. Sahil says you are thinking about Shivay.  Anika takes Sahil school. Ridhimaa comes to Om. She asks why are you tensed. Om says their silence told everything. He gets tensed and thinks if everything is true then I will walk on my path. Tia  comes to home and says she wants to convey the message of her mom.

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