Ishqbaaz Spoiler Updates: Rudra And Saumya To Get Married In Upcoming Episodes


As one of the most watched Tv show right now and also with a very great viewership the show Ishqbaaz is getting along very greatly. The show is having many twists and also showing so many problems which have arisen in the house because of murder mystery to dev’s truth, the show is trying to wind up all the audience with the twists of the show.

IshqbaazAs in the earlier episode was came to know that Anika will go to save Shivaay from the charge of Gayatri’s murder, but a new twist will going to be unveiled in the episode. The youngest of the Oberoi’s will be going to get married and as per the information from many major sites and portals, Rudra and Saumya will go to get married in the upcoming episodes and the episodes will surely going to be a lot of fun, humorous and entertainment filled one, because the marriage will go to happen because of a mistake.

The show will go to going to bring the twist like the movie ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’ as both Rudra and Saumya will be partying together and are going to get too much drunk and when they next day will go to wake up and saw themselves married to each other and the biggest question in front of them is that how did this happened and they don’t even remember what happened and how they got married.

Now they have more problems ahead that how will they going to tell this to their parents . The show is expected to bring a lot of humorous and amazing funny twist into the show as they will going to have a lot of fun over this marriage and how it happened.

The show will also go to bring some more of thrilling  fun and twists in the Tv series.

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