Ishqbaaz Spoilers: Is Daksh Tia’s Husband, Tia Wants To Kill Anika


In the upcoming episodes of one of the highest TRP show in the whole history of Indian Tv serials which is ‘Ishqbaaz’, we will going to see that there will going to be a major shocking story gets unveiled and will bring some more of shocking twists in the show. Anika is very scared after counting another attack on herself and she still doesn’t know who is behind the attacks. But this time she is not alone and Daksh comes as the savior of Anika, while Daksh saves Anika from the attack and also cools her down in this very serious situations by giving her apathy.

IshqbaazHe also takes advantage of the situations and he again proposes Anika for the marriage, now this time he begs her to give him a second chance to prove his love for her and he promises that he will going to take care of everything this time. Anika, who is already in shock because of what Shivaay has told her and she gets very lost in the statement of Shivaay, that she is obsessed with him and is actually trying to trap him.

The things will going to take a shocking turn as Anika in anger takes a sudden decision of accepting Daksh’s proposal of marriage, because she is very hurt with what Shivaay has called and-and all the blames which has been put on her by Shivaay. Now, when Shivaay get shattered when he comes to know that Anika has agreed to marry Daksh, as this is totally unexpected for him.

So guys a very high-voltage drama is waiting for you in the coming episodes and the viewers will going to see something very shocking, which is why the show is running with the most highest TRP. So guys stay tuned with us for knowing the ‘Spoilers’ and about the upcoming story-line of the Tv serials and Daily Soaps.

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