ISIS Suicide Bomber Attack: Kills 34 & Injures 80 In Kurdish Wedding In Syria


Hasakeh, Syria: A Latest News has shocked everyone regarding A Suicide bomber who struck a wedding in northeast Syria. The incident took place when the bridegroom was taking vows, while the incident kills almost 34 and still counting and wounding more than a dozen peoples, according to the News officials and the eye-witnesses who were there.

The incident took place on last Monday in the village Tall Tawil in Hasakeh province, the place where the incident took place was counting a marriage of a Kurdish Party official and as he was about to get married this shocking incident took place. The incident was very loud that the sound of the blast was heard in a very far area and blown away the whole place while most of the place is still covered with lots of blood even on the Tuesday morning.

Suicide BomberThe latest tools of the wounded people has risen to almost 100 and is still counting, some witnesses try to define the situation as the person who passes them to go near the centre of the wedding where the vows are going on and according to a personal the outfit of the suicide bomber is said to be of black jacket and then they remember nothing except a very big explosion and pieces of torn bodies around them.

The number of total kills is still not given by the Officials and soon they will going to give an official statement about the incident, while the investigation is still going for more detailed information.

An ISIS official made an announcement has given out that one of their fighters has fired upon a large number of people from Kurdish fighters near the Kazakh City before he blows himself.

The later claims confirm that around 40 people got injured in the incident, while both the bride and groom are safe. Groom’s father and brother got killed in the attack. The whole attack shocks everyone while the groom is in serious shock.

Hasakeh city is almost entirely held by Kurdish forces but Syria’s regime still holds some districts. The city has often been targeted by ISIS terrorists.

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