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Island City

Island City which is one of the latest movies to be released today with competitors like Sonakshi’s Akira a Female-centered action thriller movie and another is the ‘Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gaya’ which is starring Jimmy Shergill and Arbaaz Khan while the female lead role is done by Pooja Chopra these two movies are having a great buzz as all the three movies are of the different genre and will definitely going to clash as no big name is no in any movie.

Island City

Here are some of the latest information and reviews about the Movie which you must know if you are planning to watch this movie ‘Island City’ One of the latest story in Bollywood which is based on an anthology of three stories which are connected to each other but very loosely, the story is filled with lots of tragic-comedy and keeps on highlighting the unforgiving pace, recent work culture and unyielding demands of this huge society which tends to many reasons.

The movie which is being directed by Ruchika Oberoi is a very deep and interesting movie which explores the tangled state of the one of the biggest and most running city in India the Mumbai. The city is very huge that many things even got lost in this city whether it is an object or a person. In this huge city the story of three persons which is inter-related to each other is being portrayed in the whole story.

The story is about a middle-aged bachelor who is stuck in a mundane job and the role is effectively being played by Vinay Pathak who is known for playing an important and impressive roles in every movie. The other story is about a Housewife which is being played by Amruta Subhash who is playing a very strange role in which she s finding joy in her every tragedy and problems and the third story is about Jane which is being played by Tannishtha Chatterjee who is seeking love.

The three stories is being connected throughout but the connection is not very strong except for the constant feeling of being caged and buried under the societal add financial pressure in which every character is asking for his freedom and the life which he or she wants. The movie is quite different and is having a great buzz because of Vinay Pathak’s exceptional experience in this movie.

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