Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Ravish Asks Vividha To Speak Truth


In the last episode of Jaana Na Dil Se Door, we saw that Suman gave Sindoor and Mangalsutra duty to Ravish. Suman turns Vividha to Ravish. Ravish makes Vividha wear Mangalsutra and after that ravish applies sindoor to Vividha’s hairline. Vividha came in anger with this and holds his saree cloth and gets teary eyes.

Kailash asked Ankit not to use his tongue. Ankit turns and saw Uma. Uma asked him what he did with Atharv ? Ankit replied why you are asking this all to me ? He said never talk to me again and he moves from there. Suman asked Daddy Ji to organise caterers for Mu Dikhai. He replied yes and said initially we need to explain Vividha and make her ready for Mu Dikhai. She said you are saying right and we need to talk to her. She said Vividha will definitely stand with them and she is made for Ravish. She added she will shower love on Ravish, Ravish looks on.


Suman said god can’t do injustice with her this time. She added I have seen Vividha’s face and it’s like a blank page of a book, now Ravish and Vividha will write on it together. Uma stopped Ankit and asked about Atharv.

Ankit replied rudely who is he, a milkman ? He said its good that Atharv and his mother has gone. Uma slapped him and said he was nothing to you, but he was my son. She said if he was my only son then I would have glad. Uma added that people makes a restriction on girls but restrictions and boundations should be on boys like you.

Now in the next episode of Jaana Na Dil Se Door, we will see that Ravish will ask Vividha that you are my wife. He asked Vividha that I am an army soldier, I don’t want to talk indirectly and he said I just wanted to ask you one thing and expects a reply in just yes or no. Did he ask Vividha did her marriage was happened against her will by any helplessness ? Vividha looks at him.

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