Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd August 2016 JNDSD Episode Written Updates Recap: Atharv & Vividha Hug Each Other

Jaana Na Dil Se Door

The last episode was full of drama and emotions. There are blames on each other. The episode starts with Vividha telling everyone that her own brother had kidnapped her and leave her alone to die. She tells that how Ankit takes her in the car forcefully and when a truck came from the front he jumps down the car. She then tells that Atharv comes there and save her life. Ankit cries and everyone gets shocked. She says that if Atharv was not there then I could have died.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door

All others start scolding Ankit. Uma says that how did you dare to kill your own sister. Ankit says that I am guilty for this all. Dadi says to him that we didn’t expect this from you. Then Vividha says to him cryingly, you want to kill me as I love Atharv but you can’t see his love for me. She made him recall about childhood and says that I was happy that our family gets completed by you but you are now called a black spot on our family. She says that I made your rakhi protect me but you are going to kill me today.

Ankit felt guilty and apologize to her. Kailash gets angrier and starts beating him brutally. All of them felt cried and Atharv comes in front to save Ankit. He says to Vividha that it can’t be Ankit’s mind. He looks at Kailash and Kailash gets annoyed. He then says that I think one had ordered Ankit who doesn’t want to see us together. Vividha then defends Kailash and says that papa can’t do this. She then says Atharv to go and take rest. Sujata takes Atharv and puts medicines on his wounds. Atharv felt emotional and Sujata gets worried  for him.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Atharv  and Vividha get emotional seeing each other and Vividha felt cried. Then they both sign as hugging each other. There will be a turn in the story when Atharv’s father come in front in his real identity.

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