Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Atharv’s Father Will Come To Meet Him

Jaana Na Dil Se Door

Vividha was very sad because what was happened with her, she was about to go to hewr room b ut he stops him and try to tell her his emotions and his feelings they talk to eachother and gets very sad and cry. They know their love for eachother and and knows that they will be nothing without eachother.

Atharv also comes there and sees Vivuidha going while crying, he stops her and asks the reason why. Dadi too was there and try to stop her tears. Uma wants to take Vividha with her to the market and tells Dadi about it, But dadi has a doubt on them about going to market.

Jaana Na Dil Se DoorSujata thinks of her Husband when Atharv comes near to her. Atharv talks to her and she was thinking of giving everyone a second chance for their mistakes.

Vividha was so confused in her memories and was sad too because of them, she only wants everyone to stay happy but due to some reasons there were some coonfusions between them.

Uma was talking to Vividha and was saying to talk about her past. She was trying ot make her understand about the situation and she tells her everything about them. Vividha was very shocked to listen to this.

Atharv was very sure that her mother can never do this thing.
He was very angry about the situation of the womens in the society.
He was angry too because he has seen so many things in front of her,
all the guys are pervs and cannot be treated until their way of thinking cannot be changed.

Atharv talks about all the bad guys due to which all the rest of the guys have to suffer in society and make others. Atharv too says that why did you slapped me and just because of that guy who has never cared for you.

Atharv says about him and tells that he is the most selfish guy like others, Sujata denies to it and says that you should meet him
if you want to know him. He says that the situatins are not good right now and can get worse if we both meet to each-other.

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