Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Kailash Gets Angry On Vividha & Atharv

Jaana Na Dil Se Door

The show starts and we see uma is watering the plants and she sees sujata coming home and stops her to ask is everything alright? then sujata says yes then uma asks how is your husband, sujata get shocked and asks that how did she know then uma says that your maan’s sindoor is fresh but there is no mark on your finger of sindoor it means your husband has filled it and your hair plaits without any occasion and your smile are showing your happiness i think he has come right? then sujata asks her to come and takes her.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door

When Vividha refuses, atharv offers the seats to her friends and vividha pinches his hand and he shouts and says a bug has bitten then vividha says being irritated that stop it i am coming with you and she asks her friends to leave her cycle at her home and they leave. On the other side sujata tells uma that she knows him since her childhood and he is two years elder than she, she met him in a stable when he came to take milk and he is from rich family and studied here staying in hostel. I lived with maa and i didnt go school and college only he taught me at home and he used to beat me with a scale as i had the habbit of eating the chalk then uma uma smiles and asks he rhtat did he change and sujata tells that he is still same and says that he doesn’t take my name to call as he calls with respect and ‘aap’ then uma says thats why atharv got this habbit from his father and greets vividha by saying ‘aap’ .

After hearing about atharv sujata became sad as she wanted to meet ataharv and says that he hates his father and blames him for his all troubles and i dont have cenough courage to tell atharv and i have seen atharv happy for the first time after meeting vividha. On the other side atharv asks vividha what will she have and she says sweets as sweets are my favourite i can eat day and night only sweets and he drops her and says to wait i will get sweets for you.

There sujata shows her worry about atharv when he will come to know that his father is here then uma says it will be good for atharv as kailash need his father’s name and i am sure he will forgive his father. uma asks his name and she says his and his family has a big name and if kailash knows about him he will surely come for atharv’s proposal. Suddebly kailash comes and shouts saying sujataaa and she says i didnt permit you to enter my house and he says that he was looking her as she was talking alot. she says that yes she was talking and was respecting him but warnesd him not to suppres them again and he says you are cheap people and forgot your status then she says loudly enough i will not hear and bear now you did a lot of shits with my son you tried to ruin his work and snatched our house now its enough.

He says as last time bangles pain has gone and raise his hand to slap but sujata holds his hand and warns him not to do this mistake and she is not a lady who will bear this violence or his son will kill him if he will come to know this. he makes him out and closes he door at his face and kailash leaves. Then uma apologize her husband’s mistake and falls i9n the feets of sujata but sujata make her stand and says you dont feel bad for your husband’s deed.

On the other side vividha waits and atharv gets sweets and she praises her papa’s sweets and she eats all the aweets and they laugh. A man sees them and thinks that she is kailash’s daughter with a guy. and they do jokes and fun…

PRECAP: Kilash will ask vividha that what she was doing there when their house is here not there and atharv and vividha will smile seeing each other and kailash will get angry from this……

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