Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Vividha Asks Atharv About His Father

Jaana Na Dil Se Door

Vividha was getting so much annoyed from telling lies again and again and now she just wants to stop saying anymore. She wants to tell her parents about meeting him, she wants to tell everything even when they meet outside the house. Atharv was very angry from this and advice not to tell everything to his father.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door

He gets close to her and tells that you don’t need to tell everything to your parents and about us. She gets shy, and while he wad about to get close to her she runs away. He promises her to stay always with her and at any cost or condition, he also promises to fight for every single problem for her. Vividha still pledges to tell everything to her father next morning. Kailsh next morning comes to the dining table and Vividha serves to him, while she was serving, Kailash sees the bangle on her hand, he gets so much angry and scolds her for doing so, he also starts dragging both the daughters into the matter and blaming them as shameless, she also counters to him and reply him courageously, she gets against his decision for him.

She also drags Sujata in this argument and starts giving the circumstances which leads to this. Kailash when knows about Atharv gets very angry over hiding this topic from him, Vividha also praises about Atharv alot but it didn’t work, she in the end says that she will going to marry only Atharv.

Kailash gets very angry over all this and starts making her emotionally blackmail. Guddi was also shocked to saw Vividha telling all the things to his father without any reason. Kailas when gets confronted with his society members gets to listen about his daughter wandering with Atharv in park and in temple. People told them that they have seen them in temple doing worshiping and in park roaming with each-other, but he tries to tell them it’s just co-incidence.

Gajendra who is on the side of Atharv try to convince by telling that he is a good guy and have always tried to save the image of your family and your daughters, the people didn’t try to listen to this and start talking about his culture and moral values.

Sujata who sees his father image starts getting emotional and gets to cry, she was talking to himself. Vividha comes there and makes her stop crying. Vividha talks to Atharv and when he ask about her father, she tells everything and he gets very annoyed and angry over this reaction of Kailash.

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