Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Atharv Attend His Father’s Call

Jaana Na Dil Se Door

Atharv wa with Vividha and was doing some work, they were also talking to each-other. Vividha while talking to him, making notes to his answers to his questions. She was disturbing him  and he says that to him to stop doing this. The things which he likes was not known to her and he gets scolded for that and for disturbing him too. she counters on this and replied him in that way in which he gets shocked to listen talking in the same manner in which he was talking and making fun of her, she also says that she is proud of what she has got from his mother country and national language Hindi is the most close to her.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door

She gradually knows everything about him and knows his every single information which is must needed to grow the reation between them. sujata comes to there and calls them for food, she was quite sad and they both ask her why she is sad , but she didn’t tell them and she ask her to compete her study. Uma comes there has aksed Sujata to send Vividha, she tells that she is studying right now, then she asks for Kailash, she also ask her about Atharv meeting Kailash in the temple.

They both were getting close to each other and are having a good time. He also tells her that there is no need to tell me your favorites, everything is known to me. She starts talking about his father and he tells that everything did’ needs to get clarified at the time. He was suffering so much because of his father and his pain on this reason is unbearable to him. they also starts liking each-others food and plans to make it for each other.

Kailash comes home, and find Uma and both of them busy in talking. kailash shouts at them and ask about Vividha, uma lies to him and says that she has gone to market to buy something important, but he gets to know that he is lying to him. He gets very angry and shouts on her that you’ve caused both your daughter to become a shame for all of us. Uma was trying to stop him to go to Vividha and tells that she is not around, on this he gets too much angry and starts molesting her, he was very angry because of their daughter’s doing to his family.

Vividha comes inside home and Kailash ask her where she was al the time. Dadi nd Guddi too come there, he then ask from her that what did she has brought from market. Sujta tells to tharv that he is a great man and will never do anything wrong. Vivdha ask both of them about why they are lying to Kailash, they tells them whole thing and she get understood. she says that she wants to tell his father that she likes Atharv and will have his time with him, guddi gets angry over this and says that from next time you will going to face dad alone.

Sujata tells to Atharv that she will something to help her make pickle, while his dad listens to him talking to her. he calls her again and ask to Sujata that is he meeting to her, Atharv attends the call and ask who’s on the other side. Sujata and her Husband gets shocked to listen to this.

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