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jackson durai

A movie which is basically based in Tamil cinemas but have all the fulfilling things which the movies want and need to run longer, a movie is getting Sathyaraj’s son Sibiraj as the lead role in the film who is playing the role of a cop who is saving villagers from some evil and dangerous ghosts.

The ill be counting Bindu Madhavi will be seen as the female lead, while the audience will going to see Karunakaran in a key role. The music is composed by the renown composer Vipin Sidharth, while the lyrics was written by Mohan Rajan.

jackson duraiJackson Durai Review

Satyaraj who is playing the role of a freedom fighter and American actor Zachary will be seen in the role of a British colonel acting to his fullest. Bullet Satya (Sibiraj) comes to a ghost-haunted village to investigate a case and what happens when they encounters the ghosts of the house is the mot important part of the movie.

The movie has already got lots of positive vibes from the audience through its teasers. The songs like “Motor Bike” and “Yededho” have become chart-busters and have only made people have high expectations from the Tamil movie. Jackson Durai is basically a horror comedy film in which Sathyaraj will be playing the role of ghost, the posters which featured Sathyaraj in the role of a ghost is being liked by everyone and Sathyaraj has received expected appreciation for his role in the movie. His son Sibiraj is also playing the lead role in the movie.

Jackson Durai is being directed by Dharani Dharan who is a very known person and is known for his plotting of the story in his movies. The movie is being produced by MS Saravanan under the banner of Sri Green Entertainments.

THe movie is going to release on 1st of July 2016 and is one of the most awaited movies of the Tamil cinemas which has created lots of buzz even before the release of the movie. The movie’s expectation is quite high by the makers and after watching the expectations of the audience they can rely upon this movie as a big hit and a block buster on the Tamil cinemas.

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