Jaggi Get Tensed Because Of Krishna, Mansi! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th September 2016 Episode


Krishna asks who is that lady. And why she gave her one lakh rupees. Krishna says how can this is possible. Jaggi says if we want to do charity then what is problem with you. Jaggi says i will bring your cheque book and we will give new Cheque. Mansi sees bracelet in Jaggi’s hand and thinks this is that bracelet which she saw in that room.

gopi Everyone sits and Urmila says Krishana and Mansi are so cunning. Jaggi asks not to worry. Gopi gets call and gets to know that Mrs Urvashi is not well and anything can happen with her. Jaggi asks what happened. Gopi says Urvashi is not ok. Jaggi runs fastly. Kokila prays Urvashi should become fine.

Doctor says he can take his mother. He cries. Gopi says handle yourself. He says my mother cannot die. Doctor asks why are you crying. Jaggi says her mother is dead and he will cry. Doctor says she is fine and you can take her. Gopi says someone called us and Told us that Urvashi is so ill and we came here. Krishna also sees ward. Jaggi goes to Urvashi. She asks if somebody has seen him or not. Jaggi cries and Urvashi asks what happened. Gopi thinks who would have called us. Gopi sees Krishna going in room no. 10 . She thinks Mansi would have called them.

She thinks they might have done this to trap us. Urvashi asks why you came here. Jaggi hugs her. Gopi prays that Krishna should not see Jaggi. Krishna gets call of Pramila and he gets engaged in call. He says he will reveal the truth. Gopi goes in room and tells Krishna is coming here and she thinks all this planning was of Krishna.

Jaggi gets shocked and asks what now. Krishna enters room. Urvashi greets him and sees no one in the room. Jaggi and Gopi hides under curtains. Gopi falls on Jaggi. Naiya calls and says she did as he said. She says our plan will be succeed. Dharam comes and asks for something. Naiya says she didnot see that. Naiya asks Meera to find wallet of Dharam

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