Jaguar India Revealed Details Of Next-Gen Model XF: Specifications Features Images & Release Dates

2016-Jaguar-XF revealed

One of the most sensual and exceptional car producers has come up with one of the most desiring and advanced upgrades in their cars. The British Multinational Car Manufacturers with its headquarters in Whitley,Coventry England and is owned by TATA motors since 2008.

This luxury car producing brand has again come up with an outstanding and amazing concept car which is soon to be launched in India. The recent specifications and features of the about to release car have fascinated the car lovers, the very first of its type XF series has been officially revealed on the website of this brand. The car is having three levels and stages of excellence which are Pure, Prestige, and Portfolio, all the variants will be available with an eight-speed automatic gearbox with the power mainly transferring to the rear wheels.

2016-Jaguar-XF revealed

This excellency will be driven by Latest Ingenium series engine being powered by 2.0 litre-cylinder diesel unit which will go to produce 180hp and torque of 430Nm. This brand is promising that the car is powered to get the lightening speed of 0-100 in less than 8.1 seconds.

The variant will also be available in 2.0-litre petrol engine which will go to provide the vehicle with 240hp and 340Nm of torque, this version of petrol is confirming to give the speed of0-100 in less than seven seconds. The excellent of the car is being flourished with four drive controls which are also the ‘JDC’, it will going to allow you to select between four driving modes namely Standard, Eco, Dynamic and Rain/Snow/Ice modes.

The vehicle will be garnished with latest tech too in which the driver will be provided with eight-inch of the touch screen, 17-inch alloys, Bi-functional xenon headlamps and the front seat can be adjusted automatically electronically.

Jaguar XF 2016

The version of Jaguar will be perforated with leather seats and a memory function for the driver seats and the steering wheel in the very Prestige trim. The manufacturers are very much excited for this model because they ar preparing this exceptional boom car for very long and now the time has come which will go to pay the ways for the dedication and hard-work.

This second generation XF will be against another one of the biggest ¬†manufacturer Volvo’s upcoming S90 and its rivals from the German, The E-Class, the 5-series and the A6.

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