Jai And His Team Found Virus Watch 24 Season 2 Online Episode HD Video 28th August 2016

The show starts and we see roshan asks harron that when they will leave and he replies that tonight and that’s why its necessary to keep jai alive. Gyan asks everyone’s computers synced. Zaara shouts yes. Siddarth gets veer’s call and veer says kiran is not there and sis says there are some changes here, come back. He says kiran needs him and sid says that he wants veer there fast. Veer tells this to raaj and he says hospital is close.


There inder says to inspector that kiran stalked him and troubled his wife and kidnapped his daughter. Kiran says he is lying and inspector says that she has to come with him to police station. Roshan says to haroon that they need a big amout so he is thinking to do yhis deal in 1000 crores.

AAditya calls cm to talk to prithvi but he says mane shinde is angry with atu, he says prithvi should talk to mane. He calls mane and he says his party will not support atu and its their responsibility now his. Maya comes to jai and hugs him, she says that she is not believing that he has come.

She tells that haroon and roshan are planning to kill him but he says that nothing will happen to him and they hugs kissing. Jai is called for dinner. There kiran goes out and sees veer and says that she didn’t do anything and veer says to inspector that she was saving sarah and mili from inder. Raj takes mili and inder holds kiran and says he will kill her, step back.
There roshan sees jai and maya together,omkar sees roshan seeing them. There sid asks vedant and shivani about their plan and they say that they are waiting for jai’s calls. Vedant goes and sid starts arguing with shivani. Roshan asks maya that she really loves haroon or playing game? Jai comes and he offers drink to jai and starts beating him, his watch gets hit and lost signal.

He aims gun at amay and asks roshan to ask her what she did. He asks her. Haroon says that he wanted to marry maya but jai ruined it and jai asks him to leave may as its not her mistake, he asks then whose it is? omkar comes and says that its his mistake as he was scared that jail will tell you that I will run away so maya went to request to jai for my life.

There inder says that he needs a car else he will kill kiran, and inspector asks him to leave her. Veer says that he knows his sister well and his paln will work. Gyan says to shivani that they lost jai. Sid asks gyan to call haroon. roshan says that he don’t believe on omkar and says maya cheated haroon. He asks jai to beat omkar and he does, maya cries.

roshan asks maya to say truth. There kiran sees veer in car and gets back, veer shoots inder and he falls. Veer hugs kiran and asks her hows she? she says fine. Gyan calls haroon and tells him to stay alert and asks him to make him talk with jai as he will tell next plan to him. Haroon puts it on speaker and he says to set his watch with coastguard timings and haroon asks sync it with my watch, gyan says yes set it to 7: 28 and he ends call.
Shivani says that jai understood. There devyani called by dean and he shows her pat records and she says that she used to take drugs but now she is fine after coming from rehab and giving punishment for past is not fine, he says fine. dhruv calls her and asks to talk to him once. She refused and he goes.

sid’s team says that there is no signal from jai now they only will have to follow the tracker where virus is and sid says to keep any backup paln. Roshan ask jai to either accept his relation with maya or shoot omkar, he aims gun to omkar and maya gets tensed…..We will see in next show that maya asks jai that why he killed her dad and hugs haroon. roshan haroon and jai go to for virus delivery and missiles get ready to fire, aaditya signs to fire it.

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