Jana Na Dil Se Door 29th June 2016: Vividha Hides Atharv From Kailash

jana na dil se door

Last Day in Jaana Na Dil Se Door we saw that Dadi caming out of home and calling the Vividha. Atharv hid tha Vivdha in the grass and saw her to be quite. Dadi says how was tent fall. he says ,one big cat was done this. Atharv is pinched by the Vividha.

Vividha will come out and she asked Vividha go to the home and Chintu follows the Vivitha,all person’s are busy in party dance. Atharv is also trying to go inside the home but servants stop him and Atharv does with another way to go inside. He see the ladder and set to window. He climb on the ladder then he realize Chintu eyeing on the Guddi.He Atharv do you want to become my dadi.do you jealous Vividha says by the Atharv.she tell him i see you. Badri saw relax the Kailash, let enjoy by children. Chintu is trying to close the Vividha with the help of dance. Atharv looks on the tent gap and he is angry.

jana na dil se door

Chintu and Guddi both are in the car. Chintu says why everyone you Guddi. She say s Guddi is my nice name.He says to Guddi you are so gorgeous,. He kiss her hand,and she smile. Chintu says Guddi i has no watch girl like you and he is Kissan her cheek.He tell i also kiss your lips and and she close he eyes.

Atharv and Sujata bote are search the Guddi. Atharv went to back side and he seen Guddi and Chintu both are together in the car and Chintu kiss the Guddi. Chintu says the Guddi for run. Atharv and Chintu fighting. when Chintu and Atharv finghing,Sujata come and says leave it.

Everyone are together and says the what we happen there. Atharv tells about the Guddi and no one can turst him. Guddi is also says in the bathroom and Atharv spoiling her name. Atharv and Sujata are shock. Vivthda says Atharv go back to you home with fold hands.

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