Japanese Researchers Kill 333 Minke Whales Inluding 200 Pregnant

333 whales japan

Another shocking news is coming out for environmentalists and nature lovers, as Japan, in the name of research has killed 333 minke whales, and has dipped Antarctic ocean in blood.

This move from Japanese fleets is considered to be the violation of a ruling by the International Court of Justice. Out of the 333 whales killed, 200 were pregnant.

According to the news report published in Zee News on March 27, 2016, four ships from Institute of Cetacean Research conducted the expedition for 115 days, and during this time span, they did this heinous act.

It should be noted that Japan has been killing whales for decades, and this time too, Japanese Government calls this mass slaughter as a part of their scientific research.

Criticisms have now started pouring from all corners against the Japanese Government, and environmentalists all over the world are requesting Japan to make an end to this killing spree.

Greg Hunt, Australian Environment Minister panned the action of Japan, and he made it clear that there is no scientific justification for lethal research.

On the other hand, Japan believes that the high pregnancy rates among Mink Whales indicate that the population is healthy.

Sea Shepherd, Australian Environment Protection Group has already started protests against whale killings. They claim that Japan is illegally killing whales in Australian whale community.

As per Institute of Cetacean Research, slaughtering of whales have been done for biopsy sampling and conducting nonlethal satellite beacon experiments.

In 1986, International Whaling Commission had banned commercial whaling, but killing was allowed to continue for scientific research.

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