Jews Are Targeting By White Supremacist Website Whitefish, Montana

Jews Are Targeting By White Supremacist Website Whitefish, Montana

Montana is a small town of whitefish where many people were unsatisfied with their white supremacist leader as declared his mother’s house to his primary office. The people of Montana are once again in a trouble and the reason behind this is again a white supremacist as the leader is in a favor to take action against Jewish people and he wanted to create pressure on the Jews in the small town of Whitefish.

Richard Spencer, the president of the National Policy Institute is the reason behind this all. In the white supremacist conference which was held near National Holocaust Museum in the Capital of U.S.A, Washington DC, where Richard Spencer was a host and in that conference he said:  “Hail, Trump! Hail, victory!” and salute the Nazi because Neo-Nazis are also targeting Jewish people in the small town. People then came to know that the address he listed for his business is in Whitefish. The address given by Richard is a building who’s owner is her mother Sherry Spencer.

Jews Are Targeting By White Supremacist Website Whitefish, MontanaDaily Inter Lake reported, a group of human rights ‘Love Lives Here’ tried to menacing Sherry Spencer as they wanted to ruin the business undergoing in that building. The group pressurized Sherry to sell the building, the post to Sherry from Tanya Gersh one the member of the Love Live Here group revealed. Sherry also announced that she had the plan to sell the property. Sherry also revealed that many other people also ask her to sell her property and also tried to intimidate her regarding this matter. Sherry Spencer the mother of Richard Spencer said that she does not agree with her Richard opinions.

Andrew Anglin, the author of Daily Stormer article of the racist website addressed Jewish people as “a vicious, evil race of hate-filled psychopaths”. On the picture of Jews, Anglin put a star on their picture which was yellow in color, it is kind of what Jews were forced to wear in Germany at the time of Holocaust. In his article, Anglin wrote: “It is very important that we make them feel the kind of pressure they are making us feel. There hasn’t ever been a more important campaign than this.”

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