Jimmy Shergill’ Shorgul Political Thriller Complete Second Day Box Office Collection

shorgul movie

A movie which is based on a very big incident which has done lots of loss to many lives and has done an amazing shock to many humans hearts, the movie is based on a shocking havoc and a very big blood-shed. The movie features an interracial love story of an Hindu boy and Muslim girl and their way to their journey and their sufferings.

shorgul movie

The most and important part oof this story is to look for the acting and directing skills of the movie makers and leads of the movie, this is the only thing which the movie is based on and be crossed the sea just on this thing. The performances are said to be earnest, especially of Jimmy Sheirgill and Ashutosh Rana.


The movie will going to   make you find yourself deeply lets you in their war of words and clash of ideas overall. The movie is having so much to see in itself and can be a very good and amazing story if worked greatly but there is lacking somewhere in the story and plotting of the movie.

The movie starts with a very loud tone and tries too maintain it throughout the story but the tone is too high that many guys didn’t get the story.Though the debate between Gandhian values versus politics based on religion is very interesting, the makers scratch it only at the surface.


The writers keep themselves busy in killing one character after another and making it more and more bloody. Expecting the film to paint a comprehensive picture of the communal feelings of common people or offering a solution to the general animosity that triggers tension every time there is a mishap, is clearly expecting too much.

The movie is more of a like a political story which is revolving around two politicians who just don’t want any of them to win and can go any far for this.

The first day collection of the movie is between 2-3 crores and the second day box office collection for the movie is expected about 1.5 crore.

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