Jimmy Shergill’s Controversial Movie “Shorgul” 10th day box office Collection & Reviews

Shorgul is a movie which is based on realistic events and is released on 24th June 2016 worldwide on the big screens. It is the  bollywood, political thriller film and has a great and a cute love story of a couple who belongs to different religions.
The film is Directed by Pranav Kumar Singh and Jitendra Tiwari who already had a great fame by his name only and had contributed a lot of movies to bollywood cinema and did a great job for the film by putting his experience there in the film. Shorgul is produced by 24 FPS films Pvt. Ltd, and earlier the name of the film was titled as Zainab and later on producers had changed it and set it as Shorgul.

Shorgul reviews

The film is featuring Jimmy Kapoor , Suha Gezen, Ashutosh Rana, Naresh Jha, Anirudh Daveand and Sanjay Suri in their leading roles of the film and did a very amazing characters in the movie. Earlier, few months back film had released its trailer on 26th May 2016 on YouTube and Indian Television and had a great response from the audience , as the story of the film was so amazing and make the audience curious about the movie.

But it has a relatively mixed negative reviews from critics. Shorgul is basically based on the story of a cute friendship of a Muslim girl named Zainab with a Hindu boy Raghu, actually Anirudh Dave is playing a character named Raghu and Suha is playing a character of a Muslim girl in the movie named zainab. They came up with a great friendship and its turns in to love and they both fall in love with each other later on in the film and got pushed into the political field ,which makes them unrest and chaos in Uttar Pradesh.

The story of the film is relates to a small town in Uttar pradesh named Maliabad, and a local politician’s son Raghu fall in love a muslim girl and he wanted to engage with him but they both cannot do so, because of the wall of their relegions.
After all Shorgul did a good collection from box office on its first day of release is approx Rs. 2.1 cr. and had later on its rates of earning from the box office is getting down and as the story of the Shorgul is so good , it attracted the audience towards it and did wo well , its the 10th day of movie released and its collects more than approx Rs. 7.9 cr. from box office and still continuing with its business on big screens.

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