K10000 upgraded version will now be known as Oukitel K10000 Pro, Final design confirmed

K10000 Pro

OUKITEL K10000S is going to change the name to OUKITEL K10000 Pro, and the final design is confirmed, it has some changes on design.

From the design photo and the previous leaked photo, there are several changed.

First, the 4 corners and the 4 sides are more straight than the previous design, making the device more concise and a feel of high-end.

Second, the front design is totally different now. The previous decoration design is like an arrow while current forehead decoration is more like a crown, indicating its status in monster battery field. Of course, since the corners are changed, the front screen is changing too, it seems that the screen-to-body ratio is bigger than the previous design.

Third, the back design is totally changed. Not only the camera area but also the leather back layout is changing to make the device neater and fashion. Below the camera, there also stays a fingerprint scanner.

According to OUKITEL, K10000 Pro will be lighter in weight than K10000. K10000 is 5.5inch HD display, while the K10000 Pro will get a 5.5-inch FHD display. For the glass screen, K10000 Pro will adopt corning gorilla glass.  The battery still remains 10000mAh in capacity but will pack a more powerful charger-a 12V/2A charger which allows you to fully charge 10000mAh in about 2 and half hours.

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