Kabali 2nd Day Collection Breaks All Box Office Records Total Earnings


Kabali is one of the most awaited film of the Superstar Rajnikanth of the year 2016. The film was release on 22nd July 2016 and really had a great collection and doing so good on the box office. The trailer of the film was released few days back and had created a buzz among the audience as it is representing the most popular star for his style and the very talented none other then Rajnikanth. Kabali had created a craze in the mind of the viewers and they all are egerly waiting for the film from the day they had a first look on the trailer of the film.


And here now the film is on the big screen and having a great  response from the audience worldwide. Kabali will going to collect more than the expectations of the makers as per the sources saying. Kabali was release on more than 5200 screens worldwide. Kabali was release in US as well and it shows up its light on more than 400 screens in USA. Kabali had set the goal and had created a buzz among the audience in the way that the audience got crazy for the film and the advance bookings of the seats in the theatres has been started. Kabali is having a great response from the audience worldwide and it can be seen by the bookings  of the seats in the theatres.

The three starting days of the film is booked by the viewers and the lovers of Rajni. That means many of the multiplex and the cinemas are already booked and every show goes housefull. There is a big deal to get the tickets of the film and people are getting damn crazy for the tickets of the film. As per the demand of more shows in a day cinema halls and multiplex had started the film in the very early morning show at 3 Am. And the prices of the tickets also got rises day by day as per the interest of the audience towards the film.

Kabali is going to be the blockbuster of the year and it is continuously hitting the box office by its huge c0llection. On the very first day of Kabali it had a good response from the audience and really appreciated by audience. Kabali had collected about Rs. 78 cr. and had break all the related records of the Indian film industry. Its the 2nd day of the film to be on the big screens and it had collected about Rs.48.84 cr. worldwide. For more to know about the film stay tuned with us.

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