Kabali Total 11th Day Collection: Rajinikanth’s No. 1 Movie 10 Days Income On Overseas Box Office


Kabali is one of the recently released Tollywood flick of superstar Rajinikanth. Kabali got a great response from the audience worldwide and have a huge collection from the box office. Kabali was released on 22nd July 2016 and it becomes the top highest earner in the Tollywood film industry and had broke more of the records of the Bollywood film industry as well. Critics had said that the story of Kabali is so interesting and it got a positive response from the audience worldwide as well.


Kabali had generated a large number of fan fan following and had collected a large number of bucks from the box office. The trailer of Kabali was released few days back on the various social media platforms and on YouTube and it got viral worldwide. The trailer of the film had collected a good response from the audience and had collected more of the bucks. You all are already know that Kabali is going so well on the box office and their is a lot of traffic which can be seen in the theatres.

Kabali was released worldwide and have a good response from overseas as well as more of the shots of Kabali was taken in Malaysia and in Hong Kong. So more of the overseas audience was attracted towards the film. People got mad and they coming out in good numbers to watch the film on the big screens. As Rajnkanth is playing the main leading role in the film and Rajnikanth is one of the top most actor of Bollywood so more of the audience were attracted towards the film to see Ranjikanth in the new avatar.

Rajnikanth is one of the finest actor of Tollywood and Bollywood as well and had done a great job here in the film and really impressed the audience by his amazing performance on the big screens. Kabali had broke many of the records in the Bollywood film industry and becomes the top most earner in the Tollywood film industry. Kabali had left more of the films at the back and had done more of the collection.

Kabali had collected about more than Rs.200 cr. on the premier of the film which was a great record in itself. Kabali had collected about Rs. 78.33 cr. on the very first day of its release and had broke all the related records in the Tollywood and the Bollywood film industry respectively. Kabali is the blockbuster film of the year 2016 and doing so well with its collection. Kabali had collected more than Rs.550 cr. on the box office till today and it is still on the big scree

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