Kabali Worldwide 27th Day Collection: Rajinikanth’s Biggest Hit Movie Still Banging The Box Office


Kabali which is known for his exceptional excellence and globally known worth because of the name of Rajinikanth in it has given it a major share of its income and total collection even in the overseas. The movie which is about a gangster but quite aged who is recently released from the prison after completing his 25 years of imprisonment because of falsely accused in a massacre who has counted many lives and the most painful is that his wife is one them who was also pregnant.


Kabali when gets out of the jail starts finding for the reason to live and he finds it, when he was confronted by Loga who is a very known drug smuggler in the Malaysia. Loga,while trying to insult Kabali and talking very rubbish about his wife tells him that his wife is still alive but in very bad condition and has lost all her memory. This shocks him to the very core and he starts searching for his wife, when he was on searching for his wife, he was also very shocked to know about all the prevailing situation which is occuring because of drugs abuse in today’s society. Due to this his friend Ameer started a school which is focused to cure those guys who are in seriously addicted to the drugs.

Then he gets confrinted by so many things and the whole story was very well plotted and shows the true worth to the audience’s money. The movie is full of everything and every possible genre is there to make sure the viewers are entertained throughout the movie. The lagacy and glory of Rajinikanth was so much stronger and shining that AirAsia has also started a flight which is having a full paint job done on the theme of Kabali and the stiff look of Rajinikanth in the movie.

The movie has done a great business and broken so many records both in the domestic and overseas business of any Indian movie till now. The movie is still running on many theaters and this simply shows how the valor of this legendary movie is working on the aidience’s mind. Themovie has collected around 700crore till now by adding both domestic and international collection the movie.

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