Kailash Slaps Vividha! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th September 2016 Written Episode

The episode of Jana Na Dil Se Dur gets a new turn by the confession made by Uma to Vividha. Kailash who always had the motive to prove himself gets expose in front of all family members. The episode starts with Uma shouting and screaming loud for Vividha. She throws a bowl on their car and they come back to home. Kailash starts beating Uma again brutally and says that all the things will happen according to me.

jaana-na-dil-se-doorVividha and all come there and gets shocked seeing Uma’s conditions. Kailash starts lying when Uma tells the truth to Vividha and all. She says that she is bearing Kailash torcher since long but now its get enough. On the other side, Atharv and all reaches to the temple but gets shocked seeing the temple shut. Sujata tells him not to worry about anything and says that we will manage everything here now.

Uma tells Vividha that he is going to get you married with some another boy. Vividha gets shocked at this and about the same to Kailash gets agree and says that yes I want this. He says that I will not let you marry to that milkman. He then says that you will get married where I want. Vividha looks on at this to him and starts crying.

She says that I was wrong to think that you are the best papa. She then says that Atharv is right that you can play to accomplish what you decide. She says that I will only marry Atharv and no one can stop me. Uma again starts talking about Kailash’s deed and then Kailash starts beating Uma. Vividha stops him and says that I didn’t even think that I will see your devil face one day.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Uma, Dadi and Guddi ask Vividha to go and get marry with Atharv. Kailash tries to stop him but Uma holds him. Now it will be interesting to see did Vividha and Atharv get married or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Jana Na Dil Se Dur like this.

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