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Kotigobba 2

Kannada and Tamil film industry are growing to be one of the biggest industries in the upcoming time. The movies which are being produced in Kannada movies industry are doing great on the box-office and are making this industry proud over the productions. The latest movie which is released today is Kotigobba 2 which is also released in Tamil movies as ‘Mudinja Ivana Pudi’. The movie is being directed by K.S Ravikumar and is being produced by Rockline Venkatesh in the Tamil and in the Kannada as Kotigobba 2, but quite strange thing is that it is not the sequel of Kotigobba first part.

Kotigobba 2

The movie is starring Kichcha Sudeep and Nithya Menen in the lead roles and they are doing great justice with the roles. The movie is released on a special day of Varamahalakshami festival. The movie is releasing after Kabali has completed its two weeks to make are that the movie will not go into effect because of Rajini factor, which is the most effective factor when it comes to having competition at the box office.

The movie is having a great buzz after the release of the trailer because the trailer of the movie has done enough amazement for the movie. The movie is also getting good responses because of the music and sound in the movie. The Scores and Soundtracks of the movie are given by D.Imman.

There is also a special appearance for those who are going to watch in Kannada version, the Kanada version of this movie is having a song in which the voice is lent by Sudeep and Nithya Menon and is being written by V.Nagendra Prasad. So guys enjoy this amazing this amazing love story which is having a great pinch of Action and an adventuruous story full of thrilling story.

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