Karan Khanna Express His Feeling For Shree! Splitsvilla 9 17th September 2016 Episode 17

This amazing reality show which counts some of the very amazing and entertaining moments and has a very impressive sensation among the youth on national Tv. The show is back with another amazing episode which starts with angry Mia messing up his whole room and she is looking very angry, Nick comes into the room and they start arguing about their fight which is going on between them. They all starts fighting and arguing without any reason and Mia is not trying to understand anyone and then the scroll come and then the chance comes when they have the chance to save themselves by going to the queens.

splitsvilla-9First of all Rajnandini, Karan and Archie starts the evening and date. Then Kavya, Ayaan and Abhishek starts the night, and she gives something which is quite shocking but it is very much entertaining and they did it. Then Archie tries to send away Karan as he wants to spend time with Raj alone which is needed by them for very long. Then Isha, Mia, and Priya comes into the date with a request to spend sometime alone with Rajnandini and then they starts arguing about Nick and Raj was manipulating Mia against Nick and all the things are getting out of hands for Nick and for Mia too.

Raj and Mia were planning to ruin Kavya but what will going to happen next is just unexpected. They all come to the Dumping ground and everyone is looking shocked, Mia is having a problem with Nick that he is giving many priorities to Martina then her and that’s what hurting Mia the most. Sunny too starts telling what is the problem between Nick and Mia and she is very much true about all the happenings and events in the villa. Now serious problems start arising for Nick and everyone is very supporting Mia because she is very much true in her every single statement.

Queens come into the ground and start telling what happened in their dates, the catfight starts between Kavya and Rajnandini and they are really into the fight. Then Rannvijay asks about opening the book and Rajnandini chose to open the book.Everyone is very shocked as very the first time Rajnandini chose to open the Book of Fortune and Sunny opened it and read their destiny. The destiny asks any from the safe guys to change their place by someone from the Dumping ground.

They chose to send Gurmeet and then this everything again starts blaming Nick for not giving the right decision, Nick is on the go to the dumping ground because everyone chose him, so now all the things have changed and the next page of destiny tells them that today three will go to get dumped in place of two, from which two will be warrior and one will be queen. Rajnandini chose to get dumped and Kavya dumps Archie and this literally brokes Rajnandini.

Priya was trying to get dumped by herself and on this statement, Sunny gets very angry and tells her the real meaning of what Splitsville means and then they both chose Priya to get dumped. Now the third page of Book of Destiny tells them that the two queens Kavya and Rajnandini will going to stay on the throne until the very end and will also go to the finale and will get the challenge from only one princess. Rajnandini gets very angry when Gurmeet starts trying to talk to Raj, the queen again gets into the fight. Rajnandini becomes evil again and promises to take the revenge full from all the friends and connections of Kavya.

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