Kasam 10th October 2016 Written Episode Online Updates: Rano Takes Tanuja Outside


In the going episode of Kasam we are watching that Rishi’s and Tanuja’s destiny are uniting them again. They both are getting in front again and again. The last episode starts with Tanuja seeing the whole room and gets tensed. She says that i can’t stay here as the family will gets in anger if they will see me. on the other side the family members are trying to manage the media people and police as well.

KasamRishi come in front and sways to the inspector that he was in the car with Malaika and driving it. All other family members then gets shocked at this. The inspector then says to take them to the police station. Rano gets tensed at this and tells a lie to the inspector that the girl who is ill is Malaika’s secratory and she gets dizzed by the hot weather. Rano then says that this NGO womens just want money from us.  The inspector then says to take our the girl. Malaika goes to take Tanuja and Rishi takes Rano aside.

Then Malaika goes to Tanuja when she is leaving the house and ask her to help them. She tells her the whole matter and says that this is about Rishi now and you have to save him at any cost. Tanuja thinks on hearing Rishi’s name and gets ready to help her. Raaj is equally tensed and takes the inspector out. The inspector then tells them that if Rano was lying then we have to arrest her too.

Rishi is talking to Rano that she had spoiled everything. Rano then gets shocked to see Tanuja there and Rishi equally gets stunned. Tanuja see Rishi and gets tears in her eyes. Malaika tells her that he is Rishi and you have to help me. Rishi and Tanuja keep on looking each other. Now it will be inetersting to see that did Tanuja able to save Rishi and prove them that she had taken rebirth to save Rishi. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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