Kasam 11th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Colors Tv Recap: Raaj Feels Breathing Problem

Kasam 11 August 2016

The show starts and we see bani explains the whole drama to Nidhi and Vidhi that she got cancer and her parents are in coma coz of an accident, Then Guljeet sets their bags and Tanuja enters looking around and sees bani coughing. Bani says that she is ill and girls must go to relatives but Tanuja wishes to stay with Tani.

Kasam 11 August 2016

Bani says that she will write a letter to her friend rano to take care of girls. She says that she is angry with her but she will forgive her seeing Bani’s last wish.  Then what happens is that Bani hands the letter to Tanuja, and Bani makes Vidhi understand in eyes that Rano is angry and can hit them too. Girls take their bags and bani advises them to step forward in their life. Rishi reaches the entrance of Bani’s house and recalls his memories with Tannu.

Rishi turns his face as Tanuja comes out, girls walk ahead and there is heavy rain suddenly. The girls hide under a stall and send Tanuja to stop an auto Tanuja couldn’t control umbrella in the heavy thunderstorm and runs to a shade where Rishi is standing already. A couple flirts there and Rishi recalls his memories with Tannu in the rain seeing them and Tanuja enjoys raining and thinks of getting wet. There Rishi slips but Tanuja holds his hands and asks if he is alright. Rishi sees her face covering with an umbrella just then she stops an auto and goes inside it. Rishi follows her saying that he don’t need it.

Rishi follows her saying that he didn’t need the umbrella as she left it at him, then a man holds the umbrella and puts it into Rishi’s car and Rishi drives away. There Tanuja comes to take girls inside auto and explains them about umbrella which she gave to a man who needed it and they leave. Rishi stops where he saw Tannu last and walks outside with Tanuja’s umbrella but it flies away due to heavy wind. And he got wet remembering Tannu’s promise of getting wet with him after marriage. And he is feeling today like he is dancing with her and acts like dancing with her. He kneels off and says that why didn’t she return after promising to come back.

It has been 20 years and he also compiled her memories as well. There Tanuja enters Rishi’s house with girls and recognizes that place.

Precap: we will see Raaj shouts on girls that how they dared to come in front of him, he says that they forgot to laugh due to that Bani and accuses her. He feels breathing problem while shouting.

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