Kasam 12th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Colors Tv Online: Tanuja Brings Rishi Inside

Kasam 12th Aug

The show starts and we see girls are in shock seeing that huge mansion and inside servant informs Rano that Bani has send three girls. Rano comes downstairs worriedly and Manpreet tells her that he talked to Rishi and he is alright and safe.

Raj thinks that Rano is still angry with him as he took Ahaana’s side. Rishi’s photo fell on the door and Tanuja picks it up, she cleans the other side of it with hand, and Nidhi and Nidhi stop her. Then rano comes and scolds Tanuja and orders her to keep the photo back. Vidhi and Nidhi get shocked seeing her and apologises to her on behalf of Tanuja. There rishi drinks in bar seating Tannu’s pic in his phone. There Raj comes and asks them that how they are related to Bani and Tanuja gives the letter of Bani to Rano. She reads that Bani is feeling sorry for her doings and she is suffering from cancer due to her doings, her daughter, and Sandy is in the coma because of an accident so she sends these three girls to her and asks some place, food, and clothes for them.

Kasam 12th Aug

Raaj snatches the letter and tears it, and shouts that they cant forgive Bani by this letter as she killed his son and they have been mourning for last 20 years coz of her, and his health worsens as a result of shouting and Tanuja helps him with some water and asks him not to shout, if they will not allow them to stay here they will leave from there.

Nidhi and Vidhi worry that where will they go and say to Tanuja when she walks out of a house that they have come here to stay and but now where will they go. Tanuja is worried for Raaj’s condition due to them. Then Nidhi calls Bani and tells her that they are on the road and she says that she will call Rano and asks them to stay where they are.

Then Bani calls Rano and talks in weepy voice, Raaj urges Rano to keep the phone on speaker and Bani says that she might die today or tomorrow that’s why she sent her three granddaughters to her as she trusts only her in world and Neha and Sandy are in coma and she apologises to Raaj and Rano. Rano says that she sent her grand daughters away from her house then Bani emotionally says that now goons will kidnap them and sell them. They are alone at night. Raaj goes to find the girls and Rano say that Raaj went to find them and cuts the call.

There Raaj is looking for them and he finds them. He asks them to go their house as its too late, but Vidhi argues that where they will go now and he says that he feels bad for what happened to their parents as it was written on the letter. He turns to leave but slips and Tanuja help him. He keeps his hand on her head and asks for sorry as he sais a lot to her in anger and Tanuja says that it’s good to pour your anger outside as her grandfather used to say this. He asks her name and she says Tannu.

Then while she corrects Tanuja, he withdraws his hand.
we will see Tanuja brings Rishi inside who is drunk and Ahaana comes downstairs and Tanuja hides herself and Rishi behind a wall.

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