Kasam 14th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Malaika Takes Everyone’s Attention To Tanuja & Rishi


In the last episode of Kasam we had seen that Rishi is arguing Tanuja and ask that why did she come back here. Tanuja says that she had come for him as she will save him till the case gets solved. Rishi gets fumes at her and gets shocked while holding her hand. He come back to his room and thinks about the same shock he gets when he touch Tannu.

KasamLater on Rano goes to Ahana and says that we have to tease Tanuja anyhow. She takes Ahana in the kitchen and ask her to keep an eye on Tanuja. Tanuja is working in kitchen and Ahana looks at her. Chilly goes to her eyes and Ahana caresses for her. She recalls the moment she passed with Tannu and go from there. Rano is still thinking to tease Tanuja when Smiley come to her. Divya also comes and Rano tells them that she had asked Tanuja to fill water in the whole house.

She then tells Divya and Smiley that we will make Malaika go in the storeroom and then Rishi. Then Malaika gets in feared with mouse and hugs Rishi. They all smile and goes. Ahana see Tanuja doing work and ask her not to do anything. Tanuja hugs her and Ahana recalls Tannu. Rano talks to Malaika and lies that she had forget the album in the store room. Malaika goes to take the album and Rishi come there.

Rano makes Rishi go in the store room and she smiles. Rishi gets in and hugs Tanuja. They both looks at each other. Malaika meets Ahana and says that she had send Tanuja in the store room. Rishi gets close to Tanuja and then recalls the feelings. In today’s episode we are going to see Rishi and Tanuja coming out of the store room and everyone gets shocked at this. Tanuja then recalls the memories and says that why did she feeling so when Rishi is around her. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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