Kasam 15th September 2016 Online Written Updates: Bani & Neha Gets Shocked To See Tanuja

Kasam Updates: Kasam Tere Pyar Ki Serial To Take A Short Leap With Kratika Dheer's Re-entry

In the last episode of Kasam, we saw that Rishi was fighting with Tanuja and Puja was going on downstairs. Somehow the house kept fire and smoke spread all around. Rishi started coughing and Tanuja tried to hold him. Rishi jerked off her hand said just stay way from me. Everyone moved out of house and Tanuja came down along with Rishi. Rishi fell down a pillar was about to fall on him. Tanuja saved him from that pillar.

Manpreet called fire brigade they both were taken to the hospital. Rano blamed Tanuja for this all and said that girl did this all. Doctor came and said Tanuja is very critical and her face got completely burned in the fire. Manpreet asked the doctor about Rishi. Doctor said his condition is very critical, it looks like he is not having will power to live more. Doctor asked Manpreet to do something which can motivate him to live. Manpreet said I will bring Tanu’s photo and this will definitely make him fine. Dadi asked the doctor that please make Tanuja well and his grandson will pay everything.


The doctor asked Dadi to give him Tanuja’s photograph to make her face as prior one. Dadi and Manpreet came home to collect Tanuja and Tanu’s photo respectively. Their photographs got exchanged and by mistake, Dadi gave Tanu’s photograph for Tanuja’s plastic surgery. Then Rishi gets conscious and asked about Tanuja. Rano told her that her face got burned completely. Rishi said god punished her.

The show took a leap of 3 months and Rishi turned into a happy man as he was before Tanu’s death. Raj and everyone was happy to see Rishi happy and cheering. While on the other hand, Tanuja was in the hospital for 3 months. After three months doctor came and started revealing her bandages. Neha’s daughter was there in the hospital and was shocked to see Tanu’s face in place of Tanuja’s face. She called Bani and Neha and asked them to come hospital.

Now in today’s episode of Kasam, we will see that Bani and Neha will come in the hospital and will ask Neha’s daughter what happened. She will tell them that doctor gave some other face to Tanuja. Bani and Neha will move inside the room to see Tanuja’s new face and they will get shocked to see Tanu’s face there. Neha will shout and will say it’s Tanu but how can this be possible. Stay tuned for more updates like this.

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