Kasam 16th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Colors Tv Recap: Rishi & Tanuja Face To Face


The show starts and we see raaj is impressed by tanuja’s understanding ability and nidhi, vidhi sends him to bring luggage to car. Rano is worried about girls but after they come she takes them to store room outside and says that they will have to stay here if they want to stay else they can leave. Then they agrees to stay there and tanuja assures them that she will make this room as they wish for.


Rano goes and raaj tells them that there is a biter story of past with bani and makes them understand the rules of house, that they will not go inside the home and at all and will not come out of room between 8-11 am as its the time when their kids leaves for office. And he says that they can use their old furniture and they are allowed to play the music but not romantic ones as there is no television. Then tanuja makes him assure that they will follow these rules from tonight and he leaves. Then nidhi and vidhi says that they are too much tired and goes to other room and tanuja cleans the room alone, there both sisters consider themselves as princess and tanuja is their maid and ask each other to focus on nakul.

There outside rano is worried thinking that how would rishi react knowing that these are sandy’s daughter and raaj says that they must hide their identity. Then rishi comes home in drunken state and rano asks why he is late, and she smells wine and scolds him but he ignores and goes inside. Then she says that tannu is responsible for the distance between them but rishi is not interested due to hangover and asks her to stop her melodrama. But rano blackmails him emotionally and rishi pulls himself to behind as it was a daydream. He tries to wake himself up else he would have to listen rano’s lecture. He thinks to enter in the house through the another way near servant quarter or store room and tanuja comes outside to throw the garbage of room.

Rishi sees store room door opened and tanuja thinks that she will do a job here so that she can hire a house for nidhi and vidhi and thinks about raaj accusations for bani. Tanuja wonders that is this the same rishi who fell in love with tannu named girl and then bulb goes out. Rishi notices that and goes to fix it and shut the door and tanuja goes to take a cloth to fix the bulb and she reaches the ladder taking it and bulb flashes again, in a similar scenario as with tannu, rishi, and tanuja confront each other.

Precap: we will see tanuja sits beside rishi as he lay over her hand and opens his eyes to look at her…………

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