Rishi Is In Danger! Kasam 17th October 2016 Full Episode Coverage & Written Updates


In the last episode of Kasam, we saw that Rishi was asking Tanuja to do promise not to tell anyone. They both had a nostalgic time together. Rano gets shocked to hear that it was Tanuja who shouted inside store room. Tanuja came out with Rishi and Malaika apologized to her.

Rishi asked Rano that this is very disappointing that you kept these images like this. Tanuja recalled the moment when she hugs Rishi in fear of mice. Rano came in Tanuja’s room and asked her to forget that Rishi will ever think about her. Tanuja said you are thinking wrong it’s not like that. Rano said Rishi knows this very well. Tanuja started crying and Rani said these tears will not going to affect me.


Rishi was thinking about Tanuja when he took fruit from the basket. Malaika was happy that Rishi touched her. Rano was wondering how to make Tanuja out of this house. Rishi was bathing and the towel was not there he asked towel from Robin but Tanuja entered to give him a towel. They both had an eye lock.

Malaika came there started teasing Rishi that he is standing in the towel in front of Tanuja. Malaika asked Tanuja to join her with Rishi for hotel visit. Tanuja gave soup to Bee Ji.

Now in today’s episode of Kasam, we will see that Tanuja will see a bulk of guns and explosive material on a terrorist bag and they all will make hotel persons as captive. Tanuja will watch terrorist from a window. Rishi and Malaika will remain alone in the whole when firing will start and Rishi will open the rope to make everyone free. Stay tuned for much more updates like this.

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