Kasam 19th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Colors Tv Video: Rishi’s Life Is In Danger


The show starts and we see bani talks on phone with nidhi and vidhi and dreams about them marrying to rishi. There rishi comes with stroller in hand and calls beeji, rano. Rano gets tensed and beeji cheers coz rishi called her after so long. He questions her about stroller and she says that whats the occasion so he took stroller as gift and he wonders gift???? He shouts john to freeze him. Beeji says the stroller will suit john over his jacket. he asks john that why he said that its beeji’s stroller?


Rano joins john scolding how he scolding how he considered her duppatta to be beeji’s. And tries to make excuses and beeji asks that from when she wears colorful dupatta? Rishi says that this duppata only keeps girls and has for sure spotted a girl in store room. Raaj makes him understand that he has seen girls in bar and that’s why thibking them in house as he was drunk. Rishi asks raaj that where are that girls and leaves. Raaj asks john to double his salary as he took rishi to his room, then he says that a girl helped him. Rano goes to improve her mistake AND TANUJA IS TENSED THERE THERE thinking that till now rishi must have know that its her stroller and he will throw out her out of the house. Then she finds a stroller again and recalls last night event. In the room rishi tries to recollect tanuja’s picture in his mind and says he is sure that there was a girl in front of him.

Rano comes in store room and asks whose stroller is this and tanuja accepts it hers. Then she scolds her why she entered house and she says that its flew over rishi. Then rano calls her shameless and nidhi apolozises her and asks to take care from next time. Rano forbids them to search jobs for them as he kept them just for 15 days so that they can search home and rent a house till then. And she asks them again to keep their identity hidden and to not to come in front of rishi.

Rano leaves and nidhi taunts tanuja. Tanuja says that they should leave this place as something must be wrong here but nidhi denies to go back to nani’s place and asks tanuja to find a job and they both says they are going to meet nani and leaves. Then tanuja asks a stall man about the adreess where she can get job and he tells her to hire a bus. Beeji kicks a poor’s money plate as she is in hurry but tanuja stops her and asks beeji that how she can go to temple after hurting a poor man. Beeji recalls tannu seeing her and she says sorry for if disliked but its the fact she insulted a poor amn’s earnings.

Precap: we will see rishi scolds her assistant as he kept her to work over here and warns her that he will kick her out if she did this mistake again…..

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