Kasam 19th September 2016 Latest Episode Written Update: New Tanuja Comes To Rishi’s Home!


In the story of Kasam, the suspense is not yet revealed that what did Rishi do when he see Tanuja’s new appearance. On the other side, Bani and Neha are planning to ruin Rishi’s life again. The last episode starts with Rishi going to the hospital and talking to himself.

He says that I will not spare that Tanuja this time. She had come to ruin my family and to take money. He enters the hospital. Ahna is worried and massages Beeji. She then tells Beeji to not think much for Tanuja. She says that Tanuja is just acting to be Tannu and to get a place in this house. Beeji then thinks about Rishi and says that why didn’t he call me. In the hospital, Rishi thinks to call Beeji and to ask her about the bill but he didn’t call her. He then hears Bani and Neha planning to take Tannu in the house and to get everything they want.

kasam-19th-september-2016Bani says to Neha that your luck had now in our favour. She says that Tanuja had become the key to the success now. Neha agrees to her and says that I will get everything now which I had lost before. Rishi gets fumes at this and says that I was thinking right about Tanuja.

In Tanuja’s room, she asks about Rishi to Vidhi. Vidhi tells her that Rishi didn’t want to talk to you. Tanuja says that I don’t know why I feeling restless and wants to go to him.

tannu-and-rishiRishi comes in front of Bani and Neha and says that I had known about this that you both can never get change. He then warns them to be far away from his family. Neha and Bani look on at this.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Rishi thinks about Tanuja and says that I hate that girl. On the other side, Tanuja reaches to Rishi’s house. Now it will be interesting to see how did the family react to see Tanuja as Tannu. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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