Kasam 1st August 2016 Episode Written Updates Colors Tv Recap: Rishi Saves Nakul In The Ring

Kasam 1st Aug

The show begins with Tanuja’s friend reminder her about her sparkling birthmark, she plays with her and fell down and she wipes the mud off her hands.

There Raaj Yuvi and Manpreet are in the nakul’s competition to buck for him, Manpreet calls rishi as nakul’s class is about to start and he is his mentor and must come but rishi refuses to come. he deals with Mr.Mehta and says that you should feel lucky as I am buying your company and deal is done in 20 lakhs, Rishi sees a window open and recalls the memories of Tanu what she used to say seeing the moon in childhood.

There Tanuja is also seeing the moon and her sister Vidhi asks to her that what she keeps on looking the moon and she asks to Vidhi that is moon aware of all their stories from their pasts and she feels that moon says to her to complete something that was left incomplete and considers moon as lucky one and there Rishi scolds peon for leaving the window open and as he hates the moon and thinks that it is witness to love stories that never complete and consider it as unlucky one.

Kasam 1st Aug

On the other side Neha greets bani and wonders why she married to guljeet who was poor and she says because of lucks and Nidhi and Vidhi comes and greets bani but she holds tanuja away from here. Neha scolds tanuja for jumping at bani but appreciates Tanuja’s tea and tells that in return of vikram taking care of her for 9 yrs. there sandy says that his relation with Tanuja is deeper than real heroines.

Guljeet takes tea from tanuja and says her tea tastes same as tanu’s tea and bani gives chocholate to Nidhi and Vidhi but says I forgot for Tanuja then Neha sends Tanuja to prepare dinner.

Bani stops Neha at wrestling channel and points Raaj in tv and just because of bani is so intent her hands burns and they all accuse tanuja for that and scolds her meaningless and they see the announcer of wrestling announces yuvi as Nakul’s father.

We will see that nakul was beaten badly in the ring and Rishi will come there to save him.

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