Kasam 1st September 2016 Written Episode Updates Colors Tv Recap: Tanuja’s Face Ruin By The Cake


Everybody got stunned and shocked to see Rishi coming home so early and they got worried too because Tanuja was still in the room. Tanujs somehow got out of the room without getting into a major problem. Beeji when starts getting her consciousness saw Rishi and try to talk to her but she was being shut-up by Rishi’s statements and scoldings, and due to all this he is very angry with her. Beeji was shocked and sad too because he didn’t even asked about her health and situation and start scolding her because of no reason.


Beeji starts asking about Tanuja and Rishi told them that she went home, Beejiwas very curious and happy because she has helped her and there is some connection with her with you which is still there and she might come back just for you. Rishi didn’t want any girl’s name to get attached to his name and got frustrated over this topic to her. He tells her that his only and only love is Tannu who is no longer alive. Beeji was still believing that Tanuja might be the results of her and rishi’s prayer which they do every day for Tannu to come back, actually, Beeji was looking for Tannu inside Tanuja and she is very right in this thing. Neha is all back to her mother’s home because Sandy has allowed her to live at her mother’s home as long as she wants. She is very angry and annoyed because her both daughters were dumb and do nothing while Tanuja was going great and is planning for her better future, but she thinks that Tanuja is getting over smart and is not giving her daughter due chance to grow or do something.

Tanuja get a  dream which was related to her last life in which she saw that a girl got hit by a bullet and died while being in her lover’s arms and as she tells this to her friends, they both laugh at her nightmare and makes fun of her. Rishi was very angry as one of her staff wants to get a leave as her husband is ill and she wants to take care of her. Manpreet asks the reason for the anger and he told her everything, he makes him remember of a bet which he lost to him and the condition was that he will have to work for him in his office if some of the staff got out from work.

Ahana was very excited as Manpreet was very first time going to work and she is very excited to see him working. On the other side, Nakula and Nidhi were having a great time and Nidhi took benefit of this thing and fell over him while acting to get a twist in the foot. In the office, everyone was very happy as Manpreet was the only one who can save them from getting scolded from Rishi and he will not go to scold him as he is his brother, but the things got strange when even Manpreet gets scolded from Rishi because of coming late to work.

Tanuja was praying as she was going to get a job after very long and suddenly Rishi hit her from behind and broke her footwear and making her to not walk clearly, she presumes that she is alright but he scolds her and makes her sit in the car and then he gives her lift till where she wanted to go. Rishi was about to get off his chair and suddenly Tanuja comes from behind and all the cake got over her face making it all bad and even the face of Rishi gets smacked with the cake as well. Tanuja then saw Rishi’s photo in the office and gets afraid at once.

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