Kasam 20th March 2017 Written Updates: Tanuja plays Holi with Rishi!

Kasam 20th March 2017 Written Updates: Tanuja plays Holi with Rishi!

In the last episode of Kasam, we had seen that Tanuja gets tensed ad concerned for Rishi’s health when he was going to the terrace to sleep. Tanuja says that Rishi might get cold and this will not be good for his health. Rishi was walking outside and just then Tanuja gets hurt and she screams. Rishi hears her and comes back to aid her.

They bothe share an eye lock and Rishi then starts acting rude. He then sleeps on the couch. Tanuja smiles at him saying that Rishi loves her a lot but is not able to show his love. Next morning, Manpreet tells Raj about the preparations of Holi celebrations. Just then Rano comes there and warns everyone that no one will play Holi. Raj agrees and then signs Manpreet and Beeji.

Later Naitra was in her room and ask Rano to get agree for Tanuja and to accept her. She also tells Rano that they have to play holi and ask her to make bhaang. She tells her that after drinking bhaang people lose their presence of mind for some time. Rano gets an idea by this and she tells that she will make Tanuja drink it and will get her sign on the property papers.

Tanuja gets down and Rishi teases her. Tanuja smile and then hear someone on hold. She listens to Poorab’s voice who was talking to his helping member. Tanuja thinks that she have to solve this matter now. Rano asks Nakul to get Bhaang. Naitra the comes to Rano and tells her that the lawyer is arranging the papers.

In today’s episode of Kasam, we are going to see that Rano and Naitra will try to trap Tanuja. They will make Tanuja drink bhaang and also try to take her sign on property papers. Rishi will also drink bhang and hence lost his presence of mind. Tanuja and Rishi will play holi with each other and will dance together. Now it will be interesting to see that will Rano’s plan become successful. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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