Kasam 21st July 2016 Episode Written Updates: Goons Take Rishi And Tannu In The Car


Beeji knows that Bani has caused all this but Raaj didn’t take it seriously and he was happy to know that he does have the same connection with her as they have in older time. He hugs Aahana and call her daughter , Rishi and Tannu both were about to leave the place and to move to their journey ahead, they both were very happy in their company and were accompanying each-other at every single second, they were happy while praying in front of Maa Kaali.


They pray for their happiness and their relationship to stay strong always as they are now. The weather suddenly starts to change and become quite stormy and the winds start like tornado, Raaj thinks that this is happening because of the curse on Rishi and Tannu recalls the sayings of the Lady priestess. Rishi turned out to bring something to eat for both of them, then Tannu suddenly remebers that she just can’t leve him alone, she argues to come with him, but he says not to worry for him now.

Rano was upset about Rishi that he has to run away from us to fulfill his dream and wish. Beeji was still blaming Rano for not understanding his love for TAnnu and that’s why he had to run away from there. Beeji told the same thing to Raaj and says that you if you all let him do hat he wanted to do then this would’nt have happened.

Raaj make arrangements of getting them back by making the matter public and telling this to reporting channels about their missing and promised to oay 1 crore to whoever brings them back to them. But the new rather than helping the family creates difficult situations for them, some bad guys saw the ad and plan to kidnap them.

Tannu and Rishi have to face these guys who are trying to kidnap them, then they got Rishi by making him unconscious and when Tannu try to save him but they get her too in their car.

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