Kasam 23rd September 2016 Written Full Episode Update Today: Rishi Holds Tanuja


In the last episode of Kasam we had seen Rishi gets shocked first seeing Tannu in front of him but then gets angry when he came to know that she is Tanuja not her Tannu. He then starts shouting on her without giving her any chance to defend herself. He keeps on swaying that this girl is cruel and come to ruin my life and my family. He says that she is a cunning fox and working for her family’s betterment.

KasamTanuja then says that she is about to tell the truth and just come there to make Rishi understand that she is innocent. Rishi ask him to shut up and says that you just know how to play with someone’s  feeling and life. Tanuja cries and says that i also gets shocked when i saw my face in mirror. She then says that i don’t even know who’s planning is all this and to whom i go to complain about this. Rishi calls him a good player and says that he had listen Bani and Neha planning about this all.

Rishi then tells Rano and Beeji that she is Neha’s daughter and gets Tannu face to  get money from us. Tanuja tries to make him correct but Rishi keeps on saying. He then says that she is going to meet Sandy in the night to plan the whole thing. Tanuja tries to defend and says that she doesn’t have any intention like this and thinks that Beeji had called the doctor to give her Tannu’s face.

Rishi gets more fume on her and says that you had betrayed all the relations here. She says that my Tannu is the one who just keep the relations strong but you had break all the threads. He then takes it to the room and shows her the pics of Tannu. He says that she can’t be his Tannu. He then ask her to leave and starts crying bitterly. Tanuja cries to and starts leaving from there.

In today’s episode we are going to see that Tanuja is leaving from Rishi’s house and he holds her when she is about to fall. They then share an eyelock. Now it will be interesting to see that did they both get unite or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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