Kasam 24th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Video: Lady Informs Rishi About Tanu


The show starts and we see rishi is sitting beside a grill and feels like he can hear tannu’s call and cries badly. He recalls ahaana’s word in heavy rain that tannu was aware of that she would save him from death curse. Then rishi sees a girl with umbrella passes from there and he runs behind her calling tannu… she takes umbrella from her hands and sees tanuja there. She says that how he knows her name but its actually tanuja. He says she is not the one whom he is waiting for, she asks from whom he is waiting in this storm and he says there is much big storm inside him since last 20 years and he runs towards his car saying cryingly that he cant live without her anymore.


He sits in the car and drives away, she keeps on seeing her and says that she broke his heart and he loves her so much.
There beeji asks driver to get that musibat from anywhere around the city and they turn to see ahaana standing at the doorway. Tanuja recalls about tannu and rishi’s love story told by beeji, and says that she has seen today how tannu lost her life for rishi and he is still waiting for her and sees the moon saying he knows all about this story. She recalls tannu and rishi’s childhood dialogue and walks away wondering that why she sees and hears what she has not gone through yet.

Ahaana comes and scolds driver and says to beeji that does she thinks that girl saved rishi’s life and that’s why bribing the driver to bring her back, but have you thought that was she already aware of bomb blast. She can say if she wants tannu’s replacement. Beeji says that no one can replace tannu they just want a girl who can save rishi. Ahhana gets rishi’s call and she tells to rano that rishi said he is returning home and he will do breakfast with all. Rano gives her rishi’s birth chart to keep it on his wardrobe. There nidhi and vidhi argues about nakul and tanuja comes and stops them. Then rano comes and asks what they did today? tanuja says she went outside and met with an accident while going for a interview.

Rano asks her to prove herself to get the job at interview and tanuja smiles hearing this. She gives them time of 3 days in which they will have to find job and leave the house. Tanuja assures them that she will find it till then and girls think to complete their target within these days. There rishi comes to the room and thinks about tannu seeing her stroller that he thought he cant live without her but now he is alive since 20 years but not more than it, its better to die.

In next show we will see tanuja was leaving when a paper flew to rishi’s feet and she tries to hide herself while rishi turns to look for her…………

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