Kasam 25th August 2016 Watch Full Episode: Rishi Shocked After Seeing Tanuja

The show starts and we see john gives paper to tanuja and insists on her to leave, she leaves saying it useless. And beeji insists on rishi to do breakfast with them but rishi turns, beeji mocks crying as she daily dreams about calendar. she says she can die next minute and asks him to fulfill her dreams but he says that you are not crying just making up.


He promises to come back soon and says that whole family is drama family. Raaj says to begin breakfast as rishi will come soon, nakul runs behind rano afraid of UC and rano reminds uc that nakul will soon be married. Raaj asks nakul what he did?

He says that if he gets married then who will save him from beating and beeji says no one as raaj is under her wife’s anger till now, then manpreet comes and says ahaana is lucky as she married with him but beeji says that actually his luck get fine after marrying her and ahaana cheers. Rishi comes and raaj says to nakul that fates are connected after marriage and says maybe his wife luck save him.

They all insist that nakul must be married now and he was offensive. Rishi judge the talk was pointed at him and asks them to be clear that they want him to be married, he will get married but only if they can bring tannu again and leaves the table. Rishi is on the way and the temple lady stops him and recognizes him and he recognizes her. She tells that his tannu fulfilled her promise as she kept her kasam.

She says that she has returned to complete her kasam and says that whole city has =ended but she came with a new face but her soul, love and kasam is that same. Rishi is uninterested and says not to talk about what has ended and leaves. But lady stops him and says it was connection of two soul and her soul returned with a new face to fulfil her kasam.

She tells him that maa kaali told her that he has a death curse and and tannu has vowed to save you always from death curse in that temple. So she took a new birth with new face but old love and old soul to complete it. The lady says smiling she has seen her yesterday, she touched her and says that she is evident of miracle and she saw lit of love and pride of his love in her eyes.

Rishi gets shocked hearing all this. She says she doesn’t know where she lives and what is her name now but she could feel her soul. and they will be together soon….In next show we will see tanuja aplozises about being late for interview and rishi turns his chair as he is the boss, and they get shocked seeing each other……

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