Kasam 25th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Colors Tv: Rishi Breaks All Relation With God


Rishi who is very shocked from the incident of Sandy shooting Tannu in place of him, after the shooting sandy runs away from there, while Rishi stays there and didn’t get the chance to stop him from running so. Tannu was about to die. Rishi try to pick her up and take her to hospital but she is not in condition to even stand up on her feet.


Rishi who is shocked till his spine gets very shocked when Tannu starts to lose consciousness. When it all was happening, the family members of Rishi gets there and see both of them lying on the ground very shockingly, they all get close to them and find that Tannu is hurt and when Yuvraaj checks her she was dead already, everybody get very shocked to see the condition of tannu and Rishi, both of them were dead, the only thing which is different is that Tannu dies in really and Rishi dies only by emotionally.

They all mourn for the condition. Then after watching the condition of Tannu, Parents of Rishi takes Police wih them to the house of Bani and search all over the house. Sandy has already reached there and tell all the things to neha and also that now, nobody will going to stop us from marrying each-other.  They didn’t find anything inside it. They gets very shocked to find nothing. sandy has run away with Neha and has reached very far till now. now they all the truth that who they really are and what is behind all this idea.

They all warns to take the revenge through law and says that you will not going to have good fortune after this. Rishi who is very angry goes to the temple where he finds the priestess and says that from today onwards there is no god for me and will not going to follow anyo-one in his life.

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