Kasam 26th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Colors Tv: Tannu Will Come Back To Rishi


Rishi was sitting alone in his room and was remembering the time which he has spent with Tannu and suddenly he finds that she is somewhere around him, he gets crazy and roams in he whole home while searching for her but only thing he gets is her stoll and this is the same stall which he found inside the temple, he cry very badly while calling her.


Tannu’s body was put in front of the whole family, she is in the outfit of a bride, the priest says to the family to do the final bidding to her body because of coronation ceremony is getting late. They cal Rishi to bid the last goodbye to her before she leave. All of them was very depressed to see the condition of Rishi because he was crying very badly remembering her.

They do the ceremony without him and when rishi gets out of control, he goes to the temple and fights with Maa Kaali over taking Tannu away from him and leaving him alone in the world. He gets very angry and say too many thins to the goddess, he says to never come-back again in any temple and will going to stop admire him in his life.

Rishi didn’t talk to anyone he just comes back from the temple and go back to hr room without even looking at anyone, Ahna was crying too much, to stop her Beeji try to hug her and give some sympathy. Due to this, Rishi tries to hang himself by the same stoll which was of Tannu but while he was doing the same he found her standing outside the room’s window.

Tannu’s soul is playing her part by coming back to him and stops him from doing bad things. Tannu tells to Rishi tht she is going to come back for him and at the same place where she has taken her last breath and tonight at sharp 10 pm.

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