Kasam 27th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Colors Tv Recap: Rishi Driving In Rain


Rishi was in a deep shock and was totally in memories of Tannu, when Manpreet and Rano sees them doing strange things they gets shocked till spine. Rano try to convince Rishi but Manpreet stops him from doing so, Rishi was thinking of Tannu all the time and thinks that she is still with him. True love justifies their journey and this moment shows what is love, Tannu promises to stay with him no matter what and at any cost. She tells him that she will going to come-back for him at the same place where she dies and it’s tonight 10pm.


Rano and Mann comes into the room to convince him, but Rishi didn’t believe him that Tannu has died and will never going to come back. bani comes to meet Neha and Rocky where they were hiding. At the temple the Priestess gets the prediction from the goddess that there is something for Rishi and his love story will not going to end so much soon.  Bani gives them the idea to go underground and hide where ever they can go.

Rishi reaches to the place where Tannu promise to meet him, Rishi was waiting eagerly for Tannu and suddenly he finds an Ambulance coming towards him and it gets struck in front of him. There was two people inside the van whom one women was pregnant and with his husband, this is what destiny has decided for Rishi for his upcoming life.

The ambulance got out of the mud. Sandy got a call from his friend, it was the same person who got help from Rishi for helping to get his struck car out, then suddenly police comes to there where they were hiding and arrest him. Rishi in the end didn’t find Tannu at that place but later he was searching and driving in rain shouting her name.

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