Kasam 28th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Colors Tv Recap: A leap Of 20 Years Gap Is Show


The inspector has caught Sandy and called Rishi for identifying the culprit, Rishi also tells that not to release him and gets to there hurrly. Rishi thought about Tannu’s promise and while he is going to police station his phone fell downn on the ground and tannu’s video got played which he has recorded. A daughter is born in the home of Vikram who is the friend of Sandy.


Rishi who is already very much depressed sees the video and gets more emotional, bikram gets an idea of naming their daugher as Tanvi. Manpreet and Rano both were very curious and worried about Rishi and his well being. Rishi comes back to the home and then when they both sees him they hugs him and tells him that they were worried about Rishi, manpreet says to him that don’t lose your hope everything will be fine, Rishi gets very upset because Tannu has broken his promise of staying with him.

Rishi was restlessly watching the phot of Tannu in his phone and was crying very badly. he was totally lost in the memories of her and in the time which they had spent together. The priest suggest the name of Tanvi but the Neha didn’t like it and she herself suggest Tanuja which is later approved by everyone. Vikram and her wilfe see a mark on her hand and the priest tells them that the mark is from his last life. The priest tells them the importance of the mark he tells that it she is the savor of someone who is having a death curse in his life chart, she will act as a life changer for the person she wiull going to meet in the life.

Rishi was losing all the trust and faith over all these things and charts. He is very much depressed about both the goddess and about the Tanu that they both have broken their promise. He try to kill himself by driving from the cliff, The show then takes a leap of 20 years and it then shows the success of Rishi who has become a very big businessman, but all this is just an indication of betrayel and pain of your beloved leaving you.

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