Kasam 29th July 2016 Written Updates Recap Episode Colors Tv: Rishi And Tanuja Both Stares At The Moon


In the last episode of Kasam we saw that there was a leap of 20 years and everything was changed in Rishi’s house. It was showcased that Manpreet and Yuvraaj got settled in their lives and Rishi was completely changed. A man completely dedicated towards his work but still soft from inside.


Beeji ask her that why she didn’t like that Nakul, when he does have the courage and dedication to become a boxer. Divia didn’t agrees to it and says that she doesn’t want heim to be like Rishi. Raaj says that Rishi is not like this before, he suddenly changed after he lose Tannu from his life. Rano hears Tannu’s name and come there. She says to Raaj not to take Tannu’s name as Rishi has tried to commit suicide for her. Raaj starts arguing with Rano over this topic.

In the office everyone wonders that why Rishi hates girls so much. A lady gets impressed by Rishi’s personality. She determines to impress 42 years bachelor. She comes to his office and starts to sizzle Rishi by seducing him using her personality.

Rishi gets so much annoyed and ask the lady to wear clothes sensibly. He says that stroller only reminds someone’s betrayal. He tells her that he just hate love and this presentations too. He talked with the lady very rudely and ask her to leave after closing his button her shirt.

Rishi’s office staff starts gossiping about him. His receptionist says that we have to tell everyone that Rishi hate girls. Rishi then again starts thinking about Tannu. After there is Tanuja’s entry showing that she is playing with her friend and running by taking a kite in hand, while playing she falls into something and gets dirty. Her face gets covered with mud. Then they both go the tube well and starts playing with water while she was trying to wash her face.

Tanuja’s friend ask her that she always look the moon, while on the other side Rishi was looking at the moon and says that this moon had separated two souls and make them suffer their separateness.

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